Mission Statement

The mission of Doleac Electric Company, Inc. is,

To provide superior quality electrical work by ensuring that our work is technically perfect, meets or exceeds customers’ expectations, meets all formal requirements according to specifications, plans, change orders, etc., meets all codes requirements, and is completed on, or before the customers’ stated due dates. We expect the end result of every customer interaction with Doleac Electric to be a friendly one, with 100% customer satisfaction. When mistakes are made, we will, in every case, prioritize the right solution and cure to the problem. Therefore standing behind our products and our services to the satisfaction of our customers.

To function as an efficient, professional, well-tuned, and productive organization, where productivity, teamwork and communication are maximized.

To contribute to the communities in which we live, and do business.

To ensure the safety of all employees, and associates, at all times, and in all situations at job sites, office sites, warehouse sites, and during travel. The injury of any employee, or associate, is unacceptable.

To maintain the reputation of Doleac Electric Company as the standard bearer for quality workmanship, community involvement, ethical business practices, integrity, professionalism, and employee welfare.

To provide competitive wages, and benefits to our employees, to provide an employee friendly work experience, to promote the well being of our employees and their families, to provide a financially stable company providing security to our employees, and to offer each employee the opportunity to realize his/her personal and professional goals.

To return a reasonable rate of return to the Owners in appreciation of their personal commitment to the success of each employee, their dedication of time and effort, and their willingness to assume the risk of financial loss.

By achieving the above, Doleac Electric Company will continue as a strong and stable company, providing for the security and well being of our employees, provide needed services, contribute to our communities, and represent a formidable and cohesive entity in our marketplace.